Insurance Program

Identifying a delayed claim status in timely fashion is fundamental to realizing cash flow objectives and is imperative in revenue cycle management. The TLRA Insurance Department is fully staffed with experts specializing in underpayments, denials, and appeals for all payer types and account phases (i.e. early out, aged). The staff also has experience in using all major patient accounting systems Payer Types:

Managed Care

Workers Compensation



Our best practices, insurance carrier relationships and analytics technologies merge harmoniously to enhance our client’s extended business office functions.

Program Highlights

Inventory Analysis

Inventory Analysis

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your inventory to identify trends that impact cash flow.

Decrease Outstanding Receivables

Decrease Outstanding Receivables

We deploy an advanced collection team to work in your legacy system to drive down outstanding receivables.

Insurance Billing and Follow Up

Our in-house specialists review contract terms and billing to reduce denials.

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