The TLRA Approach

The TLRA approach varies drastically from the standard collection agency. We understand the stresses unmet financial obligations can cause and we work closely with each of our contacts to establish an arrangement benefitting all parties. An integral part of our success is attributed to our ‘Velvet Glove Approach’, which we define as a firm demand for payment combined with a strong respect for the dignity of the contact. At TLRA, every contact is treated with care and consideration as we effectively progress the account to resolution.


Custom-Segmented Letter Campaigns
All Dialer Campaigns Sorted by Account Segment
Tenured Associates Manage Accounts; Low Turnover
Meticulous Account Documentation for Enhanced Contact Experience and Efficiency
Customized Collection Strategy Developed for Maximized Recovery
Each Account is Treated with Individual Care
Velvet Glove Approach

Standard Agency

Generic and Automated Letter Campaigns
Unsorted Predictive Dialer Campaigns
High Turnover Environment
Incomplete Account Documentation; Inefficient Usage of Contact Time
Generic Scripting and Collection Strategy Applied to Every Account
Accounts are Numbers
“One Size Fits All” Approach

Our Recovery Process

Our recovery efforts start with a thorough analysis of each account. All accounts are screened and segmented before they are incorporated into the TLRA inventory. Our segmentation process integrates the use of analytic programs to establish right-party contacts, predict relative economic value, expected payment patterns, and account follow up strategy. Collection activity is then pursued according to segment assignment and applied to the dialer system accordingly. Our primary communication is by telephone and augmented by custom letter deployment for each account segment.

When contact is made with the debtor, our Associates are trained to ascertain information necessary to create a feasible and timely payment arrangement plan in accordance with client established demands. We place a high value on customer experience and understand time is an essential resource to spend wisely. Having to re-explain a situation or agreement can be frustrating and diminishes customer service experience. As such, all accounts are thoroughly documented in our interfaces to reduce the likelihood of debtors re-explaining their positions and promote their focus to account resolution.

Screen and Segment Account

Deploy Written Correspondence

Identify Debtor Financial Circumstance

Create Custom Recovery Strategy

Pursue Account Resolution

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